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Larius was founded in 1969 in Italy, and has since been a pioneer in designing and manufacturing paint spraying equipment, transfer and extrusion pumps, and road marking machines. Its great industrial tradition and innovative culture make it a distinctive manufacturer in the ever-changing market of spray painting. Larius specializes in advanced systems for paints, enamels and coating applications, in addition to industrial applications using automatic processes with liquid and powder paints.


Larius products range from the small spray painting machines, and extend to electric and pneumatic machines for products with very high viscosity and thickness. From their manufacturing facilities in Italy, Larius produces all their machines to the highest standards for almost fifty years, and today exports to over 60 countries worldwide.

Larius range of products includes:

  • Airless electric and pneumatic paint spraying equipment
  • Pneumatic transfer and extrusion pumps
  • Injection pumps
  • Powder coating systems
  • Sandblasting systems
  • Road marking machines