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 Master Builders Solutions has been present in the UAE since the 1970’s. As the sub-regional headquarters and a key business hub, the Master Builders Solutions Dubai office in the Galleries, Jebel Ali, it serves as a base for the company’s Middle East activities. Master Builders Solution’s construction, oil and gas, and chemical divisions are the most active in the UAE, driven by opportunities from the country’s increasing investment in infrastructure and industry.

Over the last 35 years, Master Builders Solutions has been involved in major projects, such as the Dubai Creek in the 1980’s, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce Building in the 1990’s and more recently the iconic Burj Khalifa. Moving forward, Master Builders Solutions is at the forefront of prominent public-private partnerships to help achieve many of the nation’s infrastructure and development goals in the near future.

Master Builders Solutions remains committed to the integration of the new corporate claim, ‘We create chemistry for a sustainable future’ into our comprehensive portfolio of solutions. Sustainable development to us means the ability to combine economic success, social responsibility, environmental protection, while offering intelligent solutions and high quality products for almost all industries across the UAE.

At Master Builders Solutions, we see a tremendous opportunity to leverage our expertise and contribute to UAE’s goal to become a sustainable city by 2020. In wake of mega-events such as Expo 2020, and such government initatives towards energy efficiency and sustainability, we at Master Builders Solutions find it a promising basis toward further growth.

In line with this vision, we are a founding member of the Emirates Green Building Council, a non-profit organization formed in 2006 with the goal of advancing green building principles for protecting the environment in the UAE.